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Customer Testimonials


    “Thank you very much for the lovely pasta delivery today. We tried both the olive fettuccine and beef agnolotti with a broccoli and cashew pesto and everyone loved it. It was such a treat to have. Beautiful, delicate, fresh pasta that also held together well. Definitely the best gluten free, dairy free pasta we have had. Thanks again.”


    "Our daughters were diagnosed with Coeliac Disease mid last year and as a result it has made it difficult for us to safely enjoy dinners out or a trusted food delivery service. This week we have launched into your amazing lasagne and incredible chicken schnitzel. Having your food on hand has allowed me a reprieve from the kitchen, knowing that my kids are eating fresh, wholesome food that I didn’t have to prepare."


    "I have been meaning to write for ages to say how wonderful your product is. As a mum of an 8-year-old coeliac, it has been a revelation! Mia was diagnosed around 3.5 and food and nutrition has always been tricky. We've been on a difficult food journey, with bumps like anaemia on the way. This week she ate your bolognese sauce and loved it. It is fabulous to have such a delicious gf product. One we all can eat, and a huge, huge relief as a parent to see your child eating without a fuss. It also helps her feel less like the odd one out if she has something yum to eat (and a lot of gf food is not so yum to eat). We haven't found another product as good, so please keep going."


    "It's wonderful to be able to provide the family with a product that tastes really good for all and most importantly is safe for my coeliac 5-year-old daughter. Pasta used to be her favourite food, but since her diagnosis, she has been indifferent towards it and often cried when I served her a GF option. I’m so grateful that your company exists. Many, many thanks."


    "MY GOODNESS. So today I went for my first auction — won it and celebrated with Moet and your to-die-for fettuccine. I cannot believe how tasty, light and fresh it is. Like I’ve said before, I never eat pasta ever — well, except for yours. No wonder you need a bigger kitchen. You guys are taking off.”


    “Best pasta I’ve ever had. Made the sauce from scratch and out of fresh tomatoes with wine and smoked bacon. Seriously incredible. Hope you’re proud of your product — it’s de-lish! Can’t wait to watch your company grow and eat everything on offer.”


    “We just had the best lasagne using your fresh sheets. The pasta was so tender; you’d never know it was gluten free! I finally don’t need to cook two different lasagnes. I would serve this to anyone! My daughters said it is the best pasta they have ever tasted. They are 30 and 22, and both said they haven’t even had anything as delicious in restaurants. Thank you so much.”


    “We’ve been following GF Pasta Di Casa for a little while, but hadn't been able to buy anything. The beautiful image posted recently of the beetroot fettuccine sealed the deal. I had to get some! It was easy to arrange pick up, and oh my goodness, so worth it!! Last night we had the pumpkin and ricotta agnolotti with burnt butter and sage sauce. We couldn't help but toast some pine nuts and added in some pancetta for an ultra-decadent and delicious restaurant-quality meal. I will definitely be buying from GF Pasta Di Casa again.”


    “Your pasta is delicious, has a lovely creamy texture and literally melts in your mouth. We had it with garlic confit, olive oil, lemon zest, parsley and smoked salmon. It was yum. Will definitely be back for another order.”


    “Thanks to GF Pasta Di Casa for an awesome homemade pasta lunch! Nothing compares to fresh pasta. Restaurant-quality at home.”


    "Amazing pasta — so fresh and light! Well done, this tasted incredible. Cannot wait to order again.”


    "A lovely friend of mine cooked me up a delicious bowl of her famous Osso Buco with this pasta while I’ve been down and out from knee surgery. The whole dish was amazing and the pasta was notably delicious and fresh! 5 stars for Pasta Di Casa."


    “Being a newly diagnosed silly yak, I constantly have cravings for gluten filled foods such as pasta. Can I just say, GF Pasta Di Casa is absolutely more delicious than the real thing! My amazing non silly yak boyfriend even loves this place!! We’ll be going back for more ASAP! Give them some love peeps.”

    Silly Yak Sydney

    "Omg. Not at all affiliated with Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa, but tried their fettuccine for the first time last night and Christ on a gluten free cracker it was SO. DAMN. GOOD. Highly recommend."


    “I can’t endorse this product enough. After using Barilla, this is the best product on the market by far. Anthony has firsthand experience in the catering and the hospitality industry. The professionalism in which he makes and delivers his product is second to none. I’m happy to be able to provide his produce for our business at the East Village Hotel. Thanks Anthony. Our gluten intolerant customers can’t thank you enough.”

    Ryan Smith

    Head Chef, East Village Hotel Balmain

    “In 3 mins, this delicious fettuccine pasta is ready and WOW! I served mine with a simple mushroom and zucchini tomato pasta sauce, but I feel like I want to eat it with just some olive oil and garlic next time it's that good. Highly recommended.”


    “Absolutely delish! The pasta was incredibly fresh and very yummy. Would absolutely recommend.”


    “I placed my first order with Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa last week, the olive fettuccine and the ricotta, pinenut and sage agnolotti. OMG, lucky I was flying solo and didn't have to share — soooo delicious! Best GF pasta around. Totally recommend.”


    “This pasta is fabulous. It has a great texture and the filling in the ravioli is delicious.”


    “Such deliciously good GF pasta — it has the same mouth feel as regular pasta without the bloating. Amazing. Definitely worth getting an order in!”


    “Such beautiful and silky pasta! You’d have no clue it’s gluten free and nothing beats fresh homemade pasta. I’d recommend it to all pasta lovers not just the gluten intolerant. Fantastic product, thank you GF Pasta Di Casa.”


    “Friendly service, recyclable packaging, TRULY delicious, fresh, gluten free pasta. Excellent real-pasta texture. Real pasta flavour. Thank you for all the work that has obviously gone in to getting the recipe just right. Happy customers!”


    “Well done Anthony! Just want to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful fresh pasta. The ravioli was our favourite it was so delicious. I’m so impressed with the presentation and attention to detail that you have achieved. Can’t wait to place my next order.”


    “The best homemade pasta I've ever had! Hard to believe its gluten free. I've ordered the pasta a few times for my family as we prefer fresh pasta, and have been looking for gluten free options that taste authentic, and we love love love it! The fettuccine is so silky, and the ravioli was restaurant quality. We've been to Jamie Oliver's many times, and truly feel this pasta is as good, if not better! You will never want to buy packet pasta again, and honestly it's so economical — especially knowing your kids are getting quality ingredients. And bonus... the owner is so nice and generous!”


    "After such an amazing lasagne we thought we would try the fettuccine with homemade carbonara.... sensational!!! This pasta is so good, our family will only eat this even though only one of us is coeliac. You guys are fantastic and I hope you get bigger and better!"